Bold or Elegance

It doesn’t matter what you choose, there is always a type bold or elegance. Recently we have seen a lot of powerful woman stories and how they carry themselves out ensuring us at the same time that if want to ” you can have it all ” as long as you figure out the secret to balancing things out. My favorite role model by far is  the author of the book Lean In” -Sheryl Sandberg.

 Same way with dressing too, you can choose either bold or elegance but there is also room to combine them both with the right kind of balance you would prefer.  For me, its always been about dressing in reflection to the current state of mind.  This could get really confusing , when we are trying to attend all those special occasions and cannot chose the right kind of dress.  So, I picked out these two looks for two different occasions which is pretty clear on the message they send out with the color and look as “bold” or “elegance”.





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